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Small Animal Information

Fantastic Furry Friends!

At Harbor Pet Center, we always have a variety of small animals, all of which make great pets. Come in and see our selection of hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, and more!

Behavioral Needs

Niches: Provides hiding places and safety.

Fun Ball: Allows exercise outside of the cage.

Exercise Wheel: Allows exercise inside the cage.

Chew Stick or Block: Allows chewing and keeps teeth trimmed.

Treat Stick: Alternate food location, must work to remove food.

Collar and lead: Provides exercise and socialization.

Environmental Needs

Cage: wire, glass, or plastic; provide a home big enough for the pet.

Water Bottle & Holder: Sanitary source of water.

Ceramic Dish/Bowl: Provides clean place for food - consider most small animals chew.

Maintenance Needs

Brush: To reduce shedding, tangles, and hairballs.

Bedding: Keeps cage and pet clean, and reduces odors (Care Fresh).

Litter Deodorizer: Neutralizes urine smells.

Litter Pan or Hamster Potty: Provides location to potty train.

Book: Background information and instructions for ongoing care.

Nutritional Needs

Staple Diet: Provides basic nutrition (Sun Seed).

Assorted Treats: Nutritional variety, foraging.

Salt/Mineral Block: Helps maintain hydration and provides minerals, and keeps teeth trimmed.

Vitamins: Ensures balanced nutrition.

Stress Aid: Very important during environmental changes, will help prevent or treat diarrhea (Dry Tail).

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